spacer Compact PIC Microcontroller Board

When I started building Microcontroller projects I built a lot of them using the same PIC microcontroller board. These were based on the PIC18F1320 chip since I bought a lot of them. There are many other chips in the PIC family that would be equally well suited to the projects on this site. Be aware though that, although different PIC chips program similarly, there are differences because of the varying capabilities of the chips. Also, the pins on different PIC chips don't always have the same function.

The board I created contains the following components.

  • PIC18F1320 Chip
  • variable voltage regulator running at 5V
  • sockets for ALL external I/O connections A0-A7 and B0-B7
  • connection for a PIC chip programmer

PIC18F1320 Board

The design of the PCB board is single sided in order to simplify the board's fabrication. I routinely make these and similar boards using the toner transfer method with good success.

When we need additional functionality, such as motor control, sensors, or communications, you can use daughter boards that connect to the main microcontroller board.

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