spacer Schematics and PCBs

The basic hook up of the PIC chip is show below. On the PCB, all the I/O lines are brought out to connectors. There is a provision for a pullup resistor on the ~MCLR line. ~MCLR is normally used as a reset line. When it is pulled high (5V), the PIC runs normally. When it is pulled low (GND), the PIC chip resets. Incidentally, the ~MCLR line can also be programmed to behave as a normal I/O line in which case the pull up resistor is not required.

Basic PIC18F1320 Circuit

All the lines required to program the PIC chip are also brought out to a connector. You can use any PIC programmer using these lines but the layout is designed to mate with the Microchip PICkit 2 programmer.

In addition, there is a voltage regulator built into the board. If you plan to use a good regulated supply, you can bypass this. I use the LD1117SC-R which is a surface mount, low drop, adjustable-voltage regulator. The fact that it is surface mount allows me to place it on the reverse side of the board and save some space.

Voltage Regulator Circuit

Printed Circuit Board

The PCB image below can be used to make your own PIC boards. The images, when printed, are suitable for use with the toner transfer method of PCB manufacture.

PCB for PIC18F1320 Board

Hover over the image above and use "Save Link As" (Firefox) or "Save Target As" (MSIE) to save the full size PCB layout to your computer.

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